(Continued from Part 1: London)  After only three short days, we left London for Ireland. Before hardly any time had passed, all of us travelers were seated in a bus en route to Rosscarbery, our small-town destination in the south of Ireland. That evening we moved into the pleasant little white cottages where we would […]


For a few years now, some of the students and student life staff at John Paul the Great Catholic University have taken a trip to Europe over spring break each year. In years past, destinations included Ireland, Paris, and Rome. This year, the group chose to adventure in all these locations but Paris, switching it […]

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The underlying mission of John Paul the Great Catholic University is to “impact culture for Christ,” by means of its various academic programs and professional initiatives designed to prepare students to witness to Christ in their respective fields. From the moment we arrive, this mission is inculcated into our hearts and minds to the point […]


In Man’s Search For Meaning, Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl stated, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Frankl’s words more deeply resonated within me after viewing the 2015 award winning movie Room, directed […]


Campus Ministry Taking Off at JPCatholic

March 9, 2016 Hannah Dorss

Campus ministry at JPCatholic has been making much headway lately, which makes us students very excited. While we always have daily Mass, confession, and rosary, SOUL Campus Apostolate and the daily Mass volunteers have been working extra hard lately to bring Christ to us in more creative ways. On February 20th, we had our quarterly […]

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It Doesn’t Matter if a Critic Couldn’t Do Better

February 24, 2016 Alumni Posts

This post has been republished with permission from Vincent Milburn’s blog What is Great Cinema? Everyone’s a critic, especially when it comes to movies.  Oftentimes, though, when some apply criticism to a movie, others will say “Could you do any better?”  This response brings up a number of questions.  What is meant by the word “do”?  […]

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Are You Merciful? : The Impact of Undertale

January 21, 2016 Christian Lovetere

So, since we are in a Year of Mercy, I found it appropriate to find a game that stresses the idea of real mercy, and authentic morality. That game is Undertale. So for those of you can play it, I urge you to not read the later parts of this post until you do. I’ll […]

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Oscar Movie Review: “Room”

January 21, 2016 Christina Corcoran

A haunting and initially disorienting story of survival and the love between a mother and a son, Room has generated Oscar buzz and captured the eyes of critics and the hearts of audience members. And for good reason – this is a must see. I went into it blind—not knowing anything, and you should, too. […]

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Paradigm Clothing: New Evangelization in Fashion

January 11, 2016 Alumni Posts

Up here in Los Angeles, we have a separate religious class: the used­-to-­be Catholics.Seems like shedding your faith is a rite of passage for teens along with giving up Santa and the Easter Bunny. Let’s be honest: being Catholic just isn’t cool anymore. It’s affiliated with old people, being stuck in Mass for an hour […]

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Star Wars: The Controversy Awakens

December 30, 2015 Christopher McCarthy

The force is strong with JJ Abrams. From its explosive, never-ending action to its breath-taking visual effects to its witty comic relief to its heartbreaking surprises, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a stunning thrill ride that is sure to excite. Grossing over 280 million dollars in its first day at the box office, and […]

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