Once upon a time, there was a world built on “sameness”…a community of people who had no differences. Leaders known as “Elders” essentially dictated to the ordinary people every aspect of their existence: what “family unit” they were assigned to, what careers they would have, and who would live and die. Only obedience and rules […]


The following is a review of an M-rated game. Minor spoilers ahead. Life is Strange is a game of choice and consequence that puts you in the shoes of high school semi-hipster Maxine (Max) Caulfield. Obsessed with polaroid photography (which is what she’s going to school for) and just making it through school without embarrassing […]


I was honestly surprised when I watched The Gift. I like scary movies to an extent…a small extent. I have to be in the right mood to watch them, and then there can’t be much blood and guts or demons crawling across the screen. The Gift fit both bills; more than that, it gave me […]


Batman: Arkham Knight is the final installation to the long-running series of Arkham videogames. These games are held as the best examples of superhero games done right, and Arkham Knight provides an excellent send off for a series of such popularity. For this game I will discuss three different categories that I believe the game […]


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History’s Greatest Storyteller

August 3, 2015 Christopher McCarthy

It is the universal goal of every film student to tell a story that really matters. Whether it is a story of good versus evil, of a quest for treasure or truth, of a man and woman falling in love, or even of an alien apocalypse, we all want to tell stories that hold meaning […]

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“This is Life or Death”: Million Dollar Baby

July 31, 2015 Hannah Dorss

Someone you love asks you to kill her. What do you do? If you think you know the answer, let’s add a little twist in: she’s a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic, confined to bed for life. Now what do you do? Million Dollar Baby, directed by Clint Eastwood in 2004, is a very thought-provoking, entertaining movie. It […]

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“Small Hero 2.0”: Ant-Man Review

July 18, 2015 Hannah Dorss

By Hannah Dorss and Vince Salerno (Be warned, SPOILERS present!) After seven years of giving us films that are big and earth-shattering, with larger than life heroes, Marvel Studios releases their next big picture with their smallest hero yet. Enter Ant-Man.  I think that audiences are trained to have very high expectations from Marvel, and […]

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“Oh, Horror!” – Catholic Theology in The Sixth Sense

July 10, 2015 Hannah Dorss

Do you think that a mainstream movie, particularly a horror movie, can be based on the Book of Psalms? I bet you don’t. But The Sixth Sense, a brilliant horror film written and directed by the famous M. Night Shyamalan, is practically taken out of the Psalms. It is an older movie (made in 1999), […]

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Our Most Defining Stories

July 7, 2015 Christopher McCarthy

It has long been said that “a writer is only as good as his own experiences.” However insightful, this phrase has become something of a cliché; an overused and undervalued standard of evaluating the talent of a writer and the quality of his work. While many are quick to toss this phrase around, often thoughtlessly, […]

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Alumni Spotlight: Jim Blackburn

July 6, 2015 Alumni Spotlight

The Alumni Spotlight is a series of short interviews with graduates of JPCatholic. The interviews explore their advice for future students and their thoughts on impacting culture through business, media, and theology.  Today we interview Jim Blackburn, who graduated from JPCatholic in 2014 with an M.A. in Biblical Theology. 1.What have you been doing since graduating from […]

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