When Good Shows Go Bad… or Not

February 20, 2012

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Several weeks ago, I posted about that moment when your favorite show takes a turn into dangerous moral territory and you feel torn about continuing to watch or not. The show to which I was particularly referring was Downton Abbey. Despite my fears, I continued to watch. And I’m glad I did.

Last night was the season finale, and as it turns out, I never had anything to worry about. Were there still some things I would have done differently? Probably. But all in all, flawed as the characters may be, the writers still had us rooting for them to make the right choices… at least by the time they made the choice. In fact, the writers have a curious knack for toeing the line and making the audience think they’re really going to cross it, but at the last moment they pull us back and show us the better road. Maybe it’s better that the audience struggles in this way because that’s how life is – the right choice isn’t always the one our hearts are immediately drawn toward, and it’s often very, very difficult to say no to the wrong choice. But once we’ve made the right choice, there’s peace.

But alas, there is no peace for me – I have to wait another year for the next season of Downton Abbey!

** I was emailed this fantastic breakdown of what makes Downton so great… in case you don’t believe me. Funny thing, a lot of what the writer says sounds an awful lot like what we learn in our classes at JP Catholic about story. It must be true.

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